Security and Access

In order to support the client’s installation effectively and to meet the service levels stated in the contract, A P Systems must be provided with all appropriate remote access, access lists, passwords and any other information A P systems deems necessary. We reserve the right to withdraw services from any part of the installation where this has not been provided and is restricting our ability to efficiently deliver the service.

Free and continuous access must be provided to our engineering staff at all times. Where this is not possible or practical then the client should be aware that service levels may be affected and charges for abortive or stand-down or work re-scheduling time may be applied.

Arrangements should be made such that whenever an A P Systems engineer is on-site, a key holder should be present for both security and reasons of health and safety. Where appropriate, and in industrial environments, a risk assessment should be carried out by the client prior to the engineer’s arrival on-site. The risk assessment will be reviewed by the engineer before commencing work.

Clients Installation

The client’s installation shall apply to all equipment, software and connectivity that A P Systems’ believe they have the expertise to support. Any excluded elements will be mutually agreed at contract inception.


The support services delivered within the contract are for services provided directly by A P Systems’ own labour. External services, if required, will be provided at a rate agreed by the client.

The provision of any material, equipment or software is specifically excluded from this contract, however engineering resource can be provided for product support or selection.

Software development is specifically excluded from this contract.

Fair Usage Policy

A P Systems reserve the right to modify the service levels and charges in the event of an unusually high level of maintenance required to service the contract. This will only apply if A P Systems recommends a solution to resolve the issue and the client does not take action.

Contract Period

The period of the contract is 36 months. A P Systems reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time during the contract period. The notice period would be 60 days.

Hours of Service

The business hours of service are Monday-Friday 0900-1700.

 Payment Terms

Managed Services will be invoiced on a monthly basis, 1 month in advance. A P Systems reserve the right to suspend services should payment not be received within 7 days of the invoice date. Should payment remain outstanding beyond 30 days of the invoice date, the total of the un-invoiced portion of the contract shall immediately become due and payable.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall A P Systems be responsible to the client for any loss of profit, revenue, anticipated savings or any indirect, economic or consequential loss of whatever nature.

Clients Obligations

The services and service levels set out within the contract will only be provided whilst:

 NO unauthorized modifications are made to the infrastructure.

 The payment terms have been met.

 Sufficient internet bandwidth is available at each supported location (minimum 256kbs upload is required. Contended services and high latency links such as long distance or satellite uplinks will be attempted on a reasonable endeavours basis.) A P Systems management team have the right to suspend remote work to a specific site if it is deemed that the connection is not allowing for effective remote incident management and incident resolution. In the cases an on-site visit will be required.

 The client agrees to maintain hardware, operating systems and software licenses up to date by way of upgrades and/or replacement.

Where either of the above conditions are breached or not fulfilled, the service provided under the terms of this contract may be suspended or withdrawn.

Employment Restriction

During the term of this contract and for a period of 12 months thereafter, neither A P Systems nor the client shall employ or offer employment to any person employed by the other party, unless mutually agreed.