Ad-Hoc Services

Tell us what you need, and we'll make it happen!

Our Ad-Hoc Service is designed for clients who only require occasional assistance or those who wish to complement their existing IT department.

Our team of experts can assist with a range of issues on an ad-hoc basis, from PC repairs & upgrades, to deploying bespoke applications and all things inbetween.

Need an extra pair of skilled hands on a project? Have critical members of IT staff off sick or on holiday at key moments? A P Systems ad-hoc support teams can step-in and fill that temporary gap.

Our support is provided at a highly competitive hourly or day-rate basis. We can also negotiate a fixed price for larger projects.

The main disadvantage and potential problem with ad hoc support is the fact that we do not monitor your system, and more importantly the fact that by the time you notice a problem it could already be a disaster – for this reason we recommend ad hoc support for companies that only run workstations – whereas for companies that run server based systems we always highly recommend maintenance contracts.